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How to record Pendrive classes

Nowadays technology has become a most important part of our daily life. No matter if we use it for our professional or non-professional needs; technology gives us a fast solution of our any work-related problem. Edumix is the software for recording your lectures. Students are also taking advantage of it nowadays. They are getting live classes, seminars, and training through online mode. Institute or college/schools are ends to end connected with their students with technology. Pen drive class is also a concept of getting pre-recorded classes to the students. These pendrive classes are recorded format of videos which you can see anytime whenever you want.

What are Pendrive Classes:

Before knowing the concept of recording pendrive classes first you need to know that what is it and how it works. Pendrive classes are end to end encrypted by the software so no other user can use that pendrive. Only registered students can see the lectures on the registered device.

How to record pendrive classes:

You can record your lectures with Edumix. Edumix gives you the facility of recording your live lectures and stream them on many social media platforms on live lectures. When your online lectures will be recorded and they will copy in pendrive or DVDs. These lectures are delivered to the students. And with help of software lectures are end-to-end safe.