EduMIx is the ideal solution for all your Lecture Capture Solution.

How to record Pendrive classes

In early times we use to go to institute or class for attending lectures of our desired course. But it is not necessary to go to an institute for training nowadays, you can take it in online lectures. Technology has grown a lot so you don’t have to take any step out of your house, you can get anything on your only one click on the internet. With the help of classroom lecture recording software, students and teacher can be connected through the internet anytime and anywhere.

Edumix is one of the best solutions for your all online lecture need. You can record your online classes, stream them on the live platform of many social media sites. Students and teachers can easily connect without a physical appearance. It is a very convenient way to get your classes nowadays. Edumix makes it easy to record your classes or give live classes. In the modern world of technology, Edumix is the all-in solution for online classes and live to stream of classes. It not only gives students an interactive and convenient way of learning but also a less costly process for the setup. With the help of classroom lecture recording software teachers don’t need a big infrastructure for students because they can connect online and get the same benefit of lectures as in the class.

The benefit of Classroom Lecture Recording Software:

  • • It brings classes to your place you don’t need to go anywhere.
  • • No need for big infrastructure.
  • • Time-Saving.
  • • Less cost.
  • • The flexibility of attending lectures.