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Best Way to Record Lectures on Laptop

Best Way To Record Lectures On Laptop

In the changing world, “Technology” is the one of the most important factors which also contributes effectively in the educational sector. Technology makes very ease to the learning process for all types of educational institutes or college campuses and most of the institutes & colleges used digital classroom technology through the use of various web based application or equipment which is now available in the market.

Edumix is the best way to record lectures on laptops or PCs because it offers multiple facilities to the teacher as well as students and it make easy communication mode between the teacher as well as students. Edumix is providing a wide variety of video recording applications, hardware, cameras, etc. which prepared for your digital lectures by capturing, mixing, recording and streaming on the top social networking sites. There are the key features of Edumix which are as follows:

  • 1) I-7 high version processor
  • 2) Expandable 1TB storage capacity
  • 3) 16 GB RAM
  • 4) Best quality Visualizer
  • 5) Camera Capture Card
  • 6) Video Recording application
  • 7) Support Services
  • 8) Full HD Video Output
  • 9) Hotkeys feature

How to Recording Class Lecture with Edumix:

There are the various phases or best way to record lectures on laptops by the Edumix which are as under:

  • Recording class lecture using web based application: Edumix is the lecture recording software in which we firstly build the preset with required software and hardware. It is a simply web based application which enable users to capture their lecture using visualizer, mic, camera, audio from system etc. In the first time, it will ask to get permission for to install on your laptop. After installation you can utilize it without problem.
  • Mixing: After ready the preset, mixing is the next step in which we use Green or Blue color background on the backside and use croma key in the same procedure. In this step, we can use a variety of design on the backside of the video. We can see the various action taken i.e. using visualizer, I-pad and other action taken by the faculty on the single screen with one click.
  • Recording: III. Recording: In this step, we record the lecture by copying your capture lecture in the pen drive, cloud based storage, making CDs and deliver to the students.
  • Streaming: You can stream this lecture video to all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. or your institutional website, mobile app directly live.